Steel Framing

Investor Homes has both steel- and timber-framing options available for your building project. The following provides information on steel-framing construction in New Zealand

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Benefits of using Steel Frames for your next home

Superior Finish

  • Steel has excellent dimensional stability reducing the likelihood of cracks in linings and nails popping with associated call back.

Health & Safety

  • Sensitive Choice Partner. The NZ Asthma Foundation has endorsed AxxisTM framing because:
  • Steel is an inert material which does not contain hazardous preservative chemicals,
  • Does not support mould growth and does not give off poisonous gases or emit VOCs. Improve indoor air quality and reduce the risk of respiratory problems including asthma.
  • Steel is non-combustible in the event of fire
  • Steel frames are approximately 1/3rd the weight of timber framing making them easier and safer to erect and transport.

 Fewer Construction Delays

  • Steel will not absorb moisture so there are no cladding/lining delays caused by wet framing.
  • Frames incorporate pre-punched holes for plumbing and electrical services.

Peace of Mind

  • Durability of New Zealand Steel AxxisTM framing is backed by a 50 year material warranty
  • Future-Proof Building Partner. AxxisTM framing as a New Zealand Steel product is part of the FPB program giving all home owners the confidence of quality and good investment.
  • sustainable choice
  • Steel frames are manufactured to tolerances of less than 1mm by computer controlled roll formers, minimizing waste
  • Steel is 100% recyclable ad infinitum


With an experienced team, a range ofstandard designs and a ten-year MasterBuilder guarantee on every home, youcan trust Investor Homes.




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